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Welcome to BCP! - We are a Barnsley-based company, set up with the intent of promoting bands with links to
Bands, Venues, Recording/Rehearsal Studios, Music shops, Repairs, Printers, and relevant info for aspiring talent.
With over 25 years in the Music Industry, we offer bands advice and Design services (Web, Poster, CD sleeves and
T-shirts), all FREE of CHARGE. (further details in 'DESIGN' section).
We are currently looking for Yorkshire Bands for inclusion on a Promotional CD to be distributed in other areas,
(further details in 'CD' section), and also, Bands of any genre, are invited to send Demos/Info in regard to playing in
Barnsley. We are hoping to invite bands to play Barnsley, with a view to Swap/Gigs in your region for some of ours.
Tours, one off gigs, Multi-band gigs, whatever etc, we can accommodate a gig for you, Drop us a line NOW!
We hope you gain information from the site, and if there is anything we haven't covered, drop us a line, we'll try and
oblige all suggestions (keep 'em clean!!), and we look forward to hearing from you in the near future.
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